Tuesday, November 3, 2009

shame on me

So first off, a great big sorry to everyone for being super super super late on my giveaways. Lets just say that I cut it pretty darn close on our Halloween celebrations! Here's a pic of everyone nearly dressed and ready to go to the carnival.

Please ignore the fact that I look as though I had totally given up on myself-it was a long day and carrying around a 25 pound baby for like 4 hours isn't easy!

We don't really do trick or treating here, the houses are too spread out and it's pretty cold so we go up to the University and they do trick or treating in the dormitories. They also run a cute little indoor carnival and a haunted house. Best of all, it's free!
I promise to have some giveaways posted on Sunday. There will be more than one, so when you leave a comment, just let me know which ones you'd like to be entered for. I look foward to revealing some homemade goodies to you folks this weekend!
I hope everyone had a terribly fun, super safe, and a tiny bit spooky Halloween!