Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I think I have sewing ADD

Remember that maternity top I was talking about? The one from that yummy vintage sheet? Well I cut it out and then, oh wait, no and then. It's cut out and that's where it stopped. Stinker woke me up at 4am yesteday morning and screamed his little head off. I was hoping to get to it yesterday, but with his molars coming in, I'm lucky to still have any shred of sanity. I have every intention of working on it today though :)

Update: Now that the day has progressed, one would think that I would have at least sewn up something on my shirt, right? No. That would be the logical thing to do. What did I do instead? Decided that I NEEDED to refashion a Liz Claiborne skirt that was passed down to me from The Yimmy's Aunt's mother. FYI she's about 90, so it wasn't exactly in style. I've only chopped up the top half to make room for my protruding belly, so I don't have much to show for it...yet. But here is a pic showing how colorful and fantastic the fabric is:

It's so silky and light, I wish I already finished it since it is 80+F here!

Enjoy your Wednesday :)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet little baby gowns

I realized a few days back that this new "replacement" baby has not had any mama-made goodness yet. Stinker had a closet full of clothes by this point in utero, and this little one didn't even have a burp cloth. Well that had to change!

I found a cute women's knit nightgown for 99cents at my favorite place....wait for it....wait for it....Value Village. It had this adorable little farm design and was nice and thick. I used a 1992 OOP McCalls's 6136 and made a sweet little baby gown.
Please ignore the wrinkles, I'm a lazy ass today

Close up of the fabric. The signs say "Welcome to Wisconsin, America's Dairyland". Forget the fact that we live in Alaska and have never even been to Wisconsin.
I went with an elastic casing at the bottom to avoid any strangled baby ribbon issues. I think it is just adorable. So adorable in fact that I made another version this morning.

Now please ignore the wrinkles and the crappy lighting, we've had rain non-stop. Rainy weather=crappy pictures

Close up of the fabric. I says "I LOVE then there are pictures of carrots. Too cute.

I used a piece of thrifted knit and the ribbing off of one of my stepdaughter's old shirts. I have done another elastic casing, though it doesn't show it in the picture. I think I may do a little bunny applique in the ribbing just to help break up the whiteness.

It's no couture gown, but I'm pretty happy with how quick and easy they were. Now all we need is the baby to fill them out :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Why hello readers...
So long time no post huh? I've been uber busy, mostly with growing a new little baby in my ever expanding giant uterus! I'm due 10/4/2010, but will be going in for another c-section (here is where I am making a sad weepy face) about a week sooner. We do not know what we are having, so I've been busy making little gender neutral outfits:)

Stinker turned 1 in May, a day after The Yimmy was hospitalized for severe high blood pressure and some heart issues. They put in an arterial catheter and drained some blood, put him on some super strong meds, and now he is better than before! It was a pretty scary situation for us though, and I am happy we are through it for now.

My not so convincing version of the Betty Crocker "Barn" cake

We recently bought a secondhand 5th wheel camper and took all the kids camping for a weekend. It was great. Stinker loves the outdoors and was such a little man helping daddy with the campsite. We got to visit some great friends who came camping with us. They brought along the youngest little camper, 5 day old Madelynn! She was just way too cute!

I've been working on tons of refashions, I just need a minute to take some quality pictures so I can show them off. I have gotten to go thrifting twice a week since I ride my sweet retro style Huffy there and no longer feel guilty about wasting gas to inturn waste money :) I plan on posting some of my recent thrift store scores along with some awesome garage sale finds as soon as I have a free minute.

I really look foward to starting a regular posting schedule of sorts and talking about sewing, needlework and everything else that's super :) See you next time