Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Why hello readers...
So long time no post huh? I've been uber busy, mostly with growing a new little baby in my ever expanding giant uterus! I'm due 10/4/2010, but will be going in for another c-section (here is where I am making a sad weepy face) about a week sooner. We do not know what we are having, so I've been busy making little gender neutral outfits:)

Stinker turned 1 in May, a day after The Yimmy was hospitalized for severe high blood pressure and some heart issues. They put in an arterial catheter and drained some blood, put him on some super strong meds, and now he is better than before! It was a pretty scary situation for us though, and I am happy we are through it for now.

My not so convincing version of the Betty Crocker "Barn" cake

We recently bought a secondhand 5th wheel camper and took all the kids camping for a weekend. It was great. Stinker loves the outdoors and was such a little man helping daddy with the campsite. We got to visit some great friends who came camping with us. They brought along the youngest little camper, 5 day old Madelynn! She was just way too cute!

I've been working on tons of refashions, I just need a minute to take some quality pictures so I can show them off. I have gotten to go thrifting twice a week since I ride my sweet retro style Huffy there and no longer feel guilty about wasting gas to inturn waste money :) I plan on posting some of my recent thrift store scores along with some awesome garage sale finds as soon as I have a free minute.

I really look foward to starting a regular posting schedule of sorts and talking about sewing, needlework and everything else that's super :) See you next time



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