Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yum Yum in her Tum Tum

A little off topic from my usual crafting posts, but something that is near and dear to me just the same....

Anyone that knows me knows that I am big into breastfeeding. I just feel that it is what babies should be fed, otherwise our bodies wouldn't make it. My babies were both exclusively breastfed through infancy and Donovan is still nursing at 14 months old! I'm so happy that we can share that special bond for just a little bit longer.

I have a friend of sorts that is having a very hard time trying to keep up with her babies breastfeeding needs. "Little Baby A" has some metabolic issues and health concerns that I am a little foggy about, but don't want to prod too much. I have just started pumping for her since Donovan doesn't nurse like he used to and I was always such a great producer. 

I am hoping by pumping once a day I can get about 10+ ounces, which seems to be my average every time I pump. I am sure there will be days when I forget or just can't, but I am hopeful that there will be days when I can pump more. 

I know "Little Baby A's" mama worries about not having enough milk for her and that is a worry that no mama should have to think about! I was lucky enough to ease right into breastfeeding both boys with no issues. No latch problems. No supply problems. NOTHING. I also know how lucky I was to have it just "work". I am hoping to make some other babies tummies as full as my babies tummies always were :)

For more info about milk sharing, please check out Human Milk 4 Human Babies .