Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday,Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday & the Missing Day Inbetween

   So today while working on a custom order, I was thinking that I need to start some kind of "post-holiday" Sunday shopping event. Spend Your Money Sunday? I don't know, something along those lines. I am all for supporting small local business and making do with what you can, but I sometimes think this whole holiday shopping thing is getting a little out of hand. 
  I will be hitting up some local craft fairs and talented local folks for the majority of my gifting. My kids always enjoyed a local toy store called Reindeer Pause, so I will be heading that way for some quality toys. My husband on the other hand will be frequenting Wal-mart *sigh* hoping to get as much as humanly possible for as little as humanly possible. We just aren't on the same page. We never have been when it comes to things like this. And that's okay. It's not the end of the world. My kids will get thoughtfully crafted toys and mass produced crap. It's just the way it goes and they will be fine.
  On a less "soap-boxy" note, I have added a super cute pair of fleece longies to the shop. I wish I made them bigger since this was the last little scrap of my houndstooth and I really wanted them to fit the boys once I started working on them. I love them.

Well here's to a happy holiday and enjoying the days with those that make the holidays all worth it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday Codes

After some humming and hawing I thought to have a "pick your sale" on Black Friday at the lounge. I figured it would give you the most savings without going so low that I am sewing for free :) You can either...

use code GOBBLEGOBBLE for 25%off your total order OR
use code SHIPFORFREE for free shipping

Crazy right? Codes will be good through cyber Monday. You can combine this with the $10 gift card if you are the winner for some pretty sweet deals!

Happy shopping :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Giveaway Time and Black Friday Insanity!

 So I've been super busy getting the shop totally stocked up for the black friday/cyber monday rush. Nothing like wating until the last minute! I have tons of diapers, soakers, woolies and nursing goodies lined up, now to finish listing them all. It seems that's where I drop the ball. I think it has to do with taking the pics and uploading them all. I understand natural daylight is best, but really, at subzero temps, I'm just not feeling it.

I am also offering a giveaway to help you get a jump start on your shopping and keep your wallet a little fatter. Just like the lounge on facebook and you will be entered to win a $10 gift certificate. That's it. Easy peasy and oh so cheesy. Giveaway closes on November 27th so get those enteries in!

Keep an eye out for my Black Friday deals. They will be posted on facebook, my shop announcement and on here too!

Here's the newest additions to the shop:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've Been a Busy Beaver!

 So although no one has heard from me, I promise I'm still alive and fine :) I've been sewing up a storm in what started as "Santa's Workshop" and is now "Santa's SLAVEshop". I got signed on for a few commissioned pieces for my husbands job, 2+ craftfairs, 2 knit Peruvian Inca hats and a few others. Not to mention throwing Halloween and 4 homemade costumes into the mix. My poor sewing machine was down for the count after that one and had to go in to be tuned up.

I have been whipping up diapers like no ones business, both for my shop and for my boys. Excuse the less than stellar pics, it was already like 2am.

 We also have been playing outside in out mounds of snow :) Nothing like getting the kids excited to shovel, like it's something fun.

Time to get back to the sewing machine and get those projects moving along! Enjoy your Saturday everyone!