Saturday, July 31, 2010

A boy and his serger, it's a beautiful thing

Stinkers new obsession is my vintage Sergemate Companion 5040. He has always had an interest in my sewing stuff, namely thread and fabric, but now he has found a whole new "toy". While I enjoy the fact that he shows an interest in the same things I do, I do not however enjoy his grubby little hands turning all my tension dials. Oh well, it's nothing that can't be fixed or replaced if broken...

For the past 3 days The Yimmy has been out of town visiting his family in beautiful Kenai, Alaska. That has left me and Stinker to our own devices. We took a nice leisurely nap yesterday then woke up and had a picnic dinner in the park. Lots of sunshine and smiles. Stinker found a little puddle to stomp in. We listened to a live jazz band and ended with some sweet homemade ice cream.

I haven't gotten much sewing done lately. Stinker has kept me very busy. It doesn't help that it's been so hot. I have tons of ideas swimming around in my head, now just to find the time!
Enjoy a beautiful Sunday everybody!


  1. I have the same serger! I love her! :)

  2. Oh wow! I got mine off of Craigslist this past Mother's Day. I really don't know much about it. Thankfully it came with the owner's manual since I couldn't find much online. It works great and was a total steal at $60 :) It's so cool to find someone that owns one too!