Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why hello blog, how are you? 
It feels like ages since I've been here.  And well, I guess it has.  I have had a good reason and this is it....

This is my Puddleduck.  He was born in late September weighing in at 9lbs and 14oz.  Just about a pound smaller than Stinker.  He's perfect.  What can I say, I'm in love :)

I have been crafting a ton, but haven't been able to post much due to having two little boys under 18months roaming around.  I did get a chance to make their Halloween costumes, my favorite being Stinker's.

He also had a little belt with it, but you know how 1 year olds are, it lasted about 30seconds before it was ripped off and tossed on the floor.  I actually made all the costumes, but the girls made me promise not to post pictures of theirs.  I suppose they are becoming preteens and are much more embarrassed by things than they used to be. 

I have also been making the big butt baby pants using Rae's wonderful pattern.  I'm a licensed seller of them and they will be appearing in my etsy shop shortly.  I love these pants.  They fit so well over a big fluffy cloth diaper bum and are completely gender netural depending on the fabric that you choose.  Here is Puddleduck's thanksgiving outfit made with the pattern and an old onesie that I dyed and appliqued.

They have sizes that range from newborn to 2T.  I'm working on drafting a larger size, say 3T for all those older babes out there that are still in diapers.  Or for those kids like mine, who are still young, but built bigger and therefore wear much larger sizes.  I can't wait to get him into it and I promise to post a much better picture when I do.  For my shop I will be mostly focusing on gender netural or boy patterns since those are terribly underestimated when it comes to crafting and clothing.  I will also be making up some in cozy flannel for PJ's and lounging.  My guys love their flannel ones!  I also have matching booties in most prints to keep them coordinated and cute.

I will be running Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials and will have a special code for even greater discounts for those that stop by here and read my blog.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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