Thursday, August 20, 2009

There's a new cat in town

So it is offical, we just signed a year lease on a sweet little 50's gem. Pictures will be posted shortly, but The Yimmy forgot to snap some shots when going to pay the deposit, so they will be a bit delayed. Think June Clever prancing around her kitchen checking her cupboards for the ingredients for dinner. There, that's it. That's pretty much the whole look of the house.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are super excited to be moving. They will still be sharing a bedroom, but there will be more space for all of us. Stinker Linker has no clue what is going on, so I have a doubt that it will affect him at all, other than he no longer has to sleep in our closet. I have a feeling that with all this packing going on, there will be a sharp decline in my sewing time.

Rupert and Panther will now have a lush jungle like greenhouse to lounge in. I think the bunnies will be spending a lot of time in there too!

In honor of the new digs, anyone that reads my blog gets a discount code for my etsy shop, good for 50% off of any one item and it expires 09/30/2009.

The code is: Meowskers Wowskers.
Feel free to copy and paste that when visiting my shop. Why meowskers wowskers you ask? Why not?


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