Friday, August 28, 2009

Movin on Up

So things here have been totally crazy. We move into our new house this weekend and so I am now trying to pack and move by myself and all three kiddos. The Yimmy does some when he gets out of work, but at that point, I just want him to take the kids so I can take a bath. It's getting there. I really like our new house. It was built in the 40's so it is full of charm. There is unfortunately carpet nearly everywhere. Stinkers bedroom/nursery has hardwood floors that are original though. However, it's also like a sickening powder pink gloss paint. So maybe at one time that was all the rage, but that time is long gone. His room will be painted asap. It's a pretty tiny room, but really, he's a tiny person so it's all good.

Thing 1 and thing 2 just love the new house. We have a great big backyard with two greenhouses, a garden, and a huge deck. They spent like an hour doing cartwheels in the grass the other day. It's a real family house, so I can't wait to get moved in.

I haven't done much sewing lately at all. I did a bit of organizing and salvaging of odds and ends off of old items before they hit the trash pile. The girls old cheese bookbags went to the garbage pail without their zippers or strap buckles. There really wasn't anything else on them worth keeping. I guess that's what you get for Toys'R'Us clearance bin vinyl backpacks. What can I say, it was last minute and they were all of $6 for both.

I have been packing up my fabric into bins to get it moved into the new house. YIKES!!! Where the hell did this all come from? Seriously, there is fabric in there that I am sure I have never seen. I don't think I had any kind of head accident that would have resulted in amnesia of my stash, but I suppose it is possible. I feel like I should be on the A&E show "hoarders". Okay, so maybe I'm not that bad. I mean I only hoard fabric and supplies, not like I hoard feral cats or mayo or anything, but still, now that it was all rounded up in one spot, it's ridiculous.

SO... Keep an eye out for a stash busting giveaway. Details are on the way, look for them next week. I promise to make it juicy!

Oh yeah, I ordered a darling little necklace for Grandma Millie (my mom, Stinker's Grandma) from LuluMcCleary . I can't wait to get it in. Let's just say it will be a teary Christmas for Grandma Millie! Here are the two pics I chose for the pendant and I will post pics of the finished product when it arrives.

Stinker at 1 week old

Stinker at 3 1/2 months old

Isn't he adorable?



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