Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whats Red and blotchy and swollen all over?

Last night after Stinker's dinner feeding daddy noticed a red spot on the back of his head. I thought it was just from laying down nursing but when I looked it was also a little puffy. It is right over his "Stork Kiss" birth mark, so that doesn't help it look any less red. I sat on it a while and by bedtime, it was twice as big. Off to the ER.

After ruling out a bug bite, a contusion, and some other various aliments, we settled on; an allergic reaction, staph/strep infections, or mersa. They gave him enough Benadryl to put down a horse but nothing. It didn't help his spot at all, but he did sleep soundly after that. They then gave him Clindamycin. and told me to come back in the morning if it didn't look great.

Fast foward to this morning......
It looks exactly the same. So we will be taking another trip to the ER. I am very worried about Stinker. He's only 4months old, so I get really nervous about him being sick. This is all news to him by the way. He feels great.

On a lighter note, I haven't gotten much sewing or refashioning done lately. With the move and being sick, I've been just too busy or tired to unpack the massive sewing area. I did get a ton done yesterday down there, so I felt a bit relieved. I did manage to dye some older stained shirts in our laundry soak sink. I went with RIT teal, although I really like how everything came out, I'd hardly call it teal. I also dyed a white granny sweater to what should have been teal, but is now sort of a baby blue. It's okay, not my favorite, but I guess I do like it much better than white. Now to take the shears to it and really make it something I would want to wear!

Off to the hospital for now.

***I'm sad to say that our black Mini Lop rabbit, Bun Bun passed away today. The reason is unknown, but she has been losing a bit of weight lately, and just was "off". We all loved her and she will be sorely missed. You were a great little bunny Bun Bun and Fergus and Emmit won't be the same without you.


  1. So sorry to hear about Stinker and the rabbit. I hope that they figure out what the red spot is. I'll say a little prayer.

  2. Thanks so much. That was very kind of you.

  3. Sorry to hear about Bun Bun. But now worried about Stinker. It's never easy especially with a baby! My oldest had a rash when he was a baby (almost 25 now) and the pediatricians kept calling it a "non-descript virus. Don't worry."

    Hope he is better now and you all can rest tonight.