Monday, September 14, 2009

Ah the mysterious red rash

So today was yet another trip to the doctor for the Stinker. He got his 4month vaccines and his pediatrician took a look at this rash. She narrowed it down to two things: 1. An allergic reaction to something metal or 2. Some type of an infection. She said not to worry, it's only just on the surface of his skin and seems to be somewhat reacting to the Clindamycin. He is otherwise still doing great.

Our local Value Village had their colored tag 99cent sale today. I scored a nice long sleeve mens knit shirt, a HUGE suede coat, and a brand new "GeMagic". It's like the TV order version of the Bedazzler. Way too Rhinestone Cowboy for me, but completely perfect for my two girls' jeans and such. They spotted it before I even got it out of the car and were poking around to see when we will use it. The thrift store prices originally totaled $35.00, but me, being uber frugal, scoured the racks and only paid $2.97. Oh yeah, and we have no sales tax in Fairbanks, so it was a total score.

The coat is in excellent shape, but really not something that I would wear. It's waaayyyy to big, and really, not many people can pull off a long column of tan, me included. It will however make like 500 baby bootie soles. Okay, maybe not really 500, but pretty darn close.

Well we are off to Girl Scouts. It's Thing 1 and Thing 2's first meeting and they can barely contain their excitement. We'll see how excited they are when volunteering comes up! Thanks for the kind words about Stinker and our rabbit. It feels great to know that people may actually read my blog, and care enough to throw some compassion my way. Thank you!

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