Sunday, September 20, 2009

BOO! It's nearly Halloween

So I found out what the girls want to be for Halloween. Stinker doesn't have much say at this age. Thing 1 will be a witch, Thing 2 a leopard and Stinker a turtle (since he was born I call him my little turtle because of this thing he does where he stretches out his neck and looks like a little turtle.

Of course I am searching my stash of fabric and recon worthy clothes for all the pieces for everyones costume. I know for a fact that I will be going to Value Village tomorrow for their 99cent sale in search of something leopard print. I think I found nearly everything I need for Thing 1's witch costume. I had a pair of old granny pants sitting in the recon pile as well as a strech purple floor lenth skirt. Both are velour and that is the only reason I kept onto them. I'm not really a velour type person, but what preteen doesn't love it?

I started construction for the witch and I am really pleased with it so far. I added a ruffle around the collar area of purple tulle remanant that I picked up at Joann's for 32cents. I added star studs from my new found GeMagic. I am also embroidering a scardy cat in purple on the cloak. The purple velour skirt will be made into a dress, and I am thinking of dying a found lace curtain black and making bell sleeves for the dress. So far so good. I'm really excited about Halloween this year. I think more so than my kiddos are!

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