Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HannahBug's B-Day Gift

HannahBug's 5th birthday is just around the corner. For those of you who don't know who HannahBug is; she is my ex-husband's daughter. While we were dating and were married, I became very attached to her. I didn't have any kids of my own and I was around her from the time she was a bit over a year old. Leaving my ex-husband was hard, leaving HannahBug was worse.

On a lighter note, I don't get to see or speak to HannahBug except for maybe once a year when she is up here visiting her Daddy. She stays with him for a few months and last year her and I had a sleepover. This year, her Dad and I talked about her seeing me and we agreed that it was best to let her decide.

Since her birthday is coming up and money is VERY tight (and I am more than frugal), I wanted to make her gift. While her Dad and I were together, I made her lots of stuff, so I thought that it was fitting she got more handmade gifts from me. She was always very girly and has loved playing "Mommy" with her dolls. I made up this doll using this tute as a guideline. It came together super quick.

Beatrix, well that's what I've named her, has been made using 100% upcycled fabrics and even filling. The button eyes and bellybutton were from my stash as was the yarn hair. The body was a pair of The Yimmy's too small cargo shorts. I really like it with the cargo twill. It makes the doll really thick and should stand up to lots of rough dolly play. The stuffing came from a old throw pillow that has been sitting around waiting for a new life. The dolly quilt was salveged pieces from my constantly growing scrap bin. I used an old pilly baby blanket instead of packaged batting. Her little tiny doll mouth was embroidered on. I have to say that I'm pretty tickled with how it has turned out so far.

Obviously, giving a 5year old a naked doll is a major faux pax, so I will need to whip up some dresses or somthing. Since this has gone so quickly (both items made today inbetween dealing with a teething 4month old and making Taco Spaghetti Casserole, it sounds gross, but try it, it's really yummy and a total kid pleaser!) that I will be making like 5 more sets for the little ladies of our family.



  1. How sweet that you have kept in touch with your exhusband's daughter and that you still make her gifts. The doll is very cute. I'm sure she will love it.

  2. Love the dolly! Adore the dolly quilt :)


  3. That recipe is making me HUNGRY! I just bookmarked it. Think I will omit the meat to make it veggie style and give it a try! My toddler totally loves 'spaghetti wormies' these days!