Sunday, October 11, 2009

Handmade Holiday Gift Giveaway #1

To kick off my weekly giveaway until the start of the holidays, I'm offering up two upcycled denim bibs. Both are made entirely of fabrics that are either stash, or had a previous life in somone's wardrobe. They are both backed in a sweet pink fleece and close with velcro dots. In order for a chance to win, just leave a comment answering my random question. The answers will be run by the kiddos, and the best answer wins. Winner will be chosen on Saturday and notified, so please make sure I can contact you. Thanks! Michelle

Question: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

My superpower would be teleportation. I would never have to wait in traffic again and I could finally say goodbye to snow tires and driving on ice! Oh yeah, and it would take just seconds to see my parents, so I would do it all the time. How great would that be?
Ps. Sorry about the lame pics, our days are becoming quite short here so daylight is minimal!


  1. Love the bibs! Pefect for our soon-to-be-born first grand-daughter (Yippee!)

    Answer to the question? I would like to be OCTOPUS WOMAN!!! Why? Because it would give me 6 more arms to carry, sew, hold books, cook, rake, clap, hug than I presently have!!!

  2. I'd like the superpower of being completely refreshed and rested after only 2 hours of sleep -- and to be able to fall asleep and wake up at will without any tiredness, to make it easier to fit those 2 hours into real life and household schedules. Think how much time that would free up and how great it would be to jump out of bed at the first hint of the alarm in the morning!

  3. Flying. How great would it be to be able to see things that way? Imagine skimming over the tree tops right now, with all the colors! Or over the ocean and seeing whales and dolphins? Travel would be so much quicker - and less tiring!

  4. Superpower? Hmmm...
    Yep, flying was my first thought. I have often thought how it must feel to be a bird so high in the sky - gliding in the silence!
    ...I enjoy your blog.