Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy halloweenie stinker

Since this is Stinker's first Halloween, I really was torn as to what he should be. I wanted it to be super cute, and obviously something that I made for him. I made Thing 1 and Thing 2's costumes last year, and am doing so again this year. But Stinker's is different. I get to choose what he will be. This may be the only time that happens as I am sure in future years he will have his own opinions.

So this year he will be a turtle. Partly because who doesn't love a baby dressed as a turtle and partly because since he was born I called him my little turtle due to this wierd neck thing that he did that reminded me so much of a turtle poking out of a shell. See?

Okay, so maybe you don't see it. Apparently, no one else does either. But that's okay. I'm his mom and I guess it's normal to come up with little nicknames for your kids.

And so this is this years costume. Sorry there is no pics of him in it. He was sleeping at first. Then when he woke up I got some of him all dressed, but then my card reader went to shit. So....I guess I'd say not to expect too many pics over the next few days.

I used a McCall's snowsuit pattern. I added a tail and some "toenails" to his mitts and feet. The shell was made by draping remanant fleece over a basket and pinning until I got a shape that I liked. The green fleece was in my stash. The mustard was leftover from a baby blanket I made for a friend a while back and the brown was leftover from a fleece jacket I made for myself. I'm really really really happy with how it all turned out. I made an Large but since he is only 5months old, I was worried he's look like a partially skinned turtle. But alas, he's a chunklet and it's not nearly as big on him as I thought.

P.S. the L is like 12-18 months or something like that. I'll dig up the pattern specs a little later and post them in case anyone is interested in tackling a baby snowsuit. It's really not that hard. I lost like 2/3 of the directions and still got it together. So I'm convinced that a somewhat experienced beginner can work it out.

* The pattern is McCall's M5220. It's sized from Newborn (8-12 pounds)to Large (22-25 pounds) in one envelope. It seems to be a pretty true fit. It works up fairly quick, the longest part is probably lining up the snaps! They can be a real pain in the ass!

How does he fit in his carseat with that you ask? Because I'm lazy and didn't want to add buttons, velcro or snaps, I just used diaper pins to attach it to his little back. I probably wouldn't rec. safety pins, diaper pins are made so babies can't really undo them.

I have just a wee bit of handsewing left to do, then this goes into the "FINISHED" pile. *breath a sigh of relief* One project down, like nine trillion to go....

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