Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Handmade Holiday Gift Giveaway!

Drum roll please.....


So, in an effort to be 1. more environmentally responsible, 2. frugal, and 3. help out those folks who have had a hard financial time lately I am starting the first annual Gift Giveaway.

Every Sunday morning, a new gift will be announced. In order for a chance to win, you leave me a comment,(please throw your e-mail addy in there somewhere) and every Saturday morning a winner will be chosen. Winners will be chosen by either a random number generator or (if the kiddos are in the mood) names out of a hat. It's that easy.

All items offered for the giveaway will come with a gift tag, some tissue paper, and a coordinating ribbon, so it's pretty much all set up for gift giving. Items will vary, one week it may be a baby thing, the next, a gift for get the picture.

If for some reason items are not ready by Sunday, or if I'm so ridiculously swamped with other goingons, I may make it worth the wait, we'll see. BUT, there will most definately be 10, that's right 10, gift giveaways between now and December 19th.

This weeks giveaway will be posted Sunday morning, 10/11 and will close Saturday morning 10/17. Item should be mailed on Saturday if I get your mailing addy early enough, if not they will go out on Monday.

Well, hope you folks find some fabbo gifts for the awesomely amazing people in your life. I look foward to revealing the first gift on Sunday!

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  1. Sounds great Michelle! What a sweet idea...