Thursday, October 22, 2009

welcome kelty

A few days back The Yimmy came home with another addition to our family, a georgeous little blue totie cat named Kelty. It was definately not love at first sight for her and Rupert. I have kept her arrival underwraps for a bit because it wasn't looking like a match made in heaven at first. Well things have changed.

She just adores Stinker and lays with Thing 1 everynight while she falls asleep. We are not completely sold on her name, so this weekend we will be having a family vote to change it. She really is a wonderful little kitty and is settling in well.

In other pet related news, I have moved our two bunnies from our garage into our greenhouse. I would love to have them in the house with us, but our house is old and gets unbareably hot at times. I would rather not come home to find them "sleeping". The greenhouse is attached to our dining room by a large glass door.

It stays pretty much between 40-70 degrees at all times. They love it! They have no cage, they get to just run around and look out the windows, dig in the raised beds and generally make a huge mess with the straw. They have also learned how to climb the three steps that lead to the door, so when you are sitting down eating dinner, you will generally find a furry critter or two staring at your food. Gosh they are cute!

I just ordered a new memory card reader, so hopefully I will have pics up and running again soon. Blog posts just seem off with all these words and no lovely pics to go
with them.

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